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Air Algerie jet with 116 on board crashes in Mali

An Air Algerie jetliner carrying 116 people crashed Thursday in a rainstorm over restive Mali, and its wreckage was found near the border of neighboring Burkina Faso — the third major international aviation disaster in a week. More>>

Obama, Mexico's leader plot border surge strategy


President Barack Obama is praising Mexico's attempts to target smugglers who are trafficking unaccompanied children from Central America through Mexico to the United States. More>>

Bratton: 'not happy'

NYPD identify suspects in raising of white flags at Brooklyn Bridge Video included


The NYPD says they have identified the suspects for the major security breach that had white flags replace the American flags at the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most highly secured landmarks in New York City, according to the New York Post. Police say they only know the suspects by nicknames, not their legitimate names. They are working on getting their names in order to bring the suspects in for questioning. The Post says nearly three dozen detectives were on the case.  More>>

Bodies of crash victims leave Ukraine

Two military aircraft carrying the first bodies of victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash have left the embattled eastern Ukraine Wednesday. More>>

FAA tells US airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv, European airlines cancel flights


The Federal Aviation Administration told U.S. airlines Tuesday they are prohibited from flying to the Tel Aviv airport in Israel for 24 hours following a Hamas rocket explosion nearby. More>>

Rebels release train with bodies from downed jet

Bowing to international pressure Monday, pro-Moscow separatists released a train packed with bodies and agreed to hand over the black boxes from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane, four days after it plunged into rebel-held eastern Ukraine. More>>

Rebels to hand over black boxes from shot down Malaysian jetliner

The leader of the pro-Russian rebels has agreed to hand over both black boxes from Flight 17 to Malaysian investigators who are in Ukraine, Malaysia's prime minister said early Tuesday. More>>

Rebels take full control of plane crash bodies

Rebels in eastern Ukraine took control Sunday of the bodies recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and U.S. and European leaders demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin make sure rebels give international investigators full access to the crash site. More>>

More than two dozen Palestinians killed

Health officials in the Gaza Strip say 25 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its ground operation in Gaza late Thursday, including three teenage siblings who died when a tank shell hit their home. More>>

Ukraine rebels say they have most recorders from Malaysian jetliner

Emergency workers, police officers and even off-duty coal miners — dressed in overalls and covered in soot — searched through wreckage and bodies scattered across sunflower fields and Ukrainian villages Friday after a Malaysian jetliner flying high above the country's battlefield was shot down, killing 298 people. More>>

US escalating economic sanctions against Russia


The United States imposed new sanctions Wednesday on lucrative Russian energy and defense entities, as well as major banks, as the Obama administration struggles for a way to quell an insurgency in eastern Ukraine widely believed to be backed by Moscow. More>>

21 dead, 150 hurt after subway derails in Moscow

A subway train derailed Tuesday deep below Moscow's streets, twisting and mangling crowded rail cars at the height of the morning rush hour. At least 21 people were killed, Russian officials said, and 136 were hospitalized, many with serious injuries. More>>

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl returned to regular Army duty

Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, was returned to regular duty Monday with a desk job that makes him available to Army investigators for questioning about his disappearance in 2009. More>>

Shipwrecked Concordia to be towed away for scrapping

The shipwrecked Costa Concordia has been successfully refloated in preparation for towing it away for scrapping. More>>

Obama books summer getaway on Martha's Vineyard

President Barack Obama has booked a two-week summer getaway for his family on the picturesque Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard. More>>

Police: Father killed 4 children, 2 adults

A man suspected of killing six people, including four of his children, and wounding his 15-year-old daughter at a home in a Houston suburb surrendered to authorities late Wednesday after an hours-long standoff.

VA apologizes to whistleblowers facing retaliation, including at Brockton facility


New details have emerged on serious issues at VA hospitals across the country-- including the facility in Brockton.

4 in 10 US homes are cellphone only, skip landline

A government survey says more American households are getting rid of their old telephones. More>>

Some US-bound air travelers must turn on electronics

Passengers at some overseas airports that offer U.S.-bound flights will soon be required to power on their electronic devices in order to board their flights. The measure is intended to enhance aviation security at a time of increased threats. More>>

Family wants officer held accountable in beating

The California Highway Patrol has vowed to carry out a thorough investigation after a video emerged of one of its officers repeatedly punching a woman he had pinned down on the side of a Los Angeles freeway. More>>

Police: Autistic boy, 11, kept in cage

The parents of a severely autistic boy were arrested after investigators determined the 11-year-old had been kept in a large metal cage, possibly to control his violent outbursts, authorities said Wednesday. More>>

GM safety crisis grows as recalls continue to mount

General Motors' safety crisis deepened dramatically Monday when the automaker added 8.2 million vehicles to its ballooning list of cars recalled over faulty ignition switches. More>>

Justices: Can't make employers cover contraception

The Supreme Court says corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women. More>>

Vet loses job at Florida restaurant over muffin


 A 73-year-old Vietnam veteran has lost his job at a Florida Cracker Barrel - over a muffin. More>>

Police probe family's electronics in son's death

The mother of a toddler who died in an unattended SUV in suburban Atlanta told investigators she did online research on how hot it needs to be for a child to die in an unattended vehicle because she was afraid it might happen, police said. More>>

High court voids 35-foot abortion clinic buffer

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a 35-foot protest-free zone outside abortion clinics in Massachusetts. More>>

Back to Iraq: Obama sending military advisers

President Barack Obama announced Thursday he was dispatching 300 U.S. military advisers to Iraq to help quell the rising insurgency in the crumbling nation.

12-cent federal gas increase proposed to pay for transit, highway programs

Two senators unveiled a bipartisan plan Wednesday to raise federal gasoline and diesel taxes for the first time in more than two decades.

Benghazi attack suspect in US custody, to be tried in US courts


A Libyan militant suspected in the deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi has been captured and is in American custody, the Pentagon said Tuesday, marking the first time the U.S. has apprehended one of the alleged perpetrators. More>>

US forces move into Iraq with security mission

Nearly 300 armed American forces are being positioned in and around Iraq to help secure U.S. assets as President Barack Obama nears a decision on an array of options for combating fast-moving Islamic insurgents, including airstrikes or a contingent of special forces.

Hospital: 1 dead and 16 critical after tornadoes

A hospital spokeswoman says at least one person is dead and 16 others are in critical condition after two massive tornadoes swept through northeast Nebraska. More>>

GM recalls 3.4M more cars for ignition problems

General Motors is recalling another 3 million cars because of a defect that causes a similar problem to one that led to an earlier massive recall of small cars, and is linked to 13 deaths. More>>

Starbucks clears college degree path for workers

Starbucks is giving its baristas a shot at an online college degree, an unusual benefit in an industry where higher education is often out of reach for workers. More>>

KFC probes whether scarred girl was asked to leave Video included


A KFC employee isn't making 3-year-old girl Victoria Wilcher's recovery any easier. The little girl is recovering from a severe dog attack that happened earlier this year. She spent a month in the hospital and can't eat solid foods -- in fact, she's using a feeding tube.

President Obama on Iraq security: 'We can't do it for them'


President Barack Obama said Friday he is weighing a range of options for halting a violent Islamic insurgency in Iraq, but he warned that American military action alone cannot stabilize the country. More>>

Sgt. Bergdahl returns to U.S.


Two weeks after he gained his freedom in a Taliban prisoner exchange, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back on American soil. More>>

Oregon shooting suspect called aspiring serviceman


A 15-year-old boy accused of killing a fellow freshman in a high school locker room was heavily armed with an assault rifle, handgun and knife that police said Wednesday had been taken from a secured area at his family home. More>>

Somber Obama concedes scant progress on gun deaths


On Tuesday, a mournful president conceded he was ashamed as an American and terrified as a parent that the United States can't find it in its soul to put a stop to rampant shooting sprees. Barring a fundamental shift in public opinion, Obama said, "it will not change." More>>

Official: 5 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan are American


 A U.S. defense official says five NATO service members who were killed in southern Afghanistan were American. More>>

Vegas ambush deaths: 2 police, 2 shooters, 1 other


Two police officers were having lunch at a strip mall pizza buffet when a man and a woman fatally shot them in a point-blank ambush, then fled to a nearby Wal-Mart where they killed a third person and then themselves in an apparent suicide pact, authorities said. More>>

Morgan recovering after surgery following crash


Tracy Morgan is recovering but is expected to remain hospitalized for several weeks after having surgery on a broken leg suffered in a chain-reaction crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that left two others critically injured and one dead. More>>

IMAGES: Obama honors veterans on the 70th anniversary of D-Day


President Barack Obama paid tribute to over 150,000 veterans on the anniversary of D-Day Friday, telling attendees at a ceremony to “stop and think of these men” who sacrificed their lives 70 years ago. More>>

D-Day veterans fly in same C-47 used during invasion


D-Day veterans relived the historic day from 70 years ago in a very unique way this week. A group of veterans got on the plane they once flew over Normandy to liberate the first French town from the Nazis.

IMAGES: Remembering D-Day


People around the world will stop and reflect Friday on the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. More>>

Gruesome road trip: Michigan man drives cross-country with a dead woman in passenger seat


A very strange story is unfolding as police in Warren, Mich. release details about how a man drove a deceased woman across the country from Arizona to Michigan. More>>

Taliban video shows handover of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl


The Taliban on Wednesday released a video showing the handover of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan, touting the swap of the American soldier for five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo as a significant achievement for the insurgents. More>>

Dempsey: Army may still pursue desertion charges

The Army may still pursue an investigation that could lead to desertion or other charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was freed from five years of Taliban captivity in a prisoner exchange last weekend, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Tuesday. More>>

12-year-old girls charged in stabbing friend to please made-up creature

Prosecutors say two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed their 12-year-old friend nearly to death in the woods to please a mythological creature they learned about online. More>>

Needham man presumed dead in Mount Rainier fall


A local man is believed to be one of six people presumed dead after scaling Mount Rainier in Washington. More>>

Medicare coverage ban on sex-change surgery lifted


Transgender individuals receiving Medicare may no longer be automatically denied coverage for sex reassignment surgeries, a U.S. Department of Health and Services review board ruled Friday in a groundbreaking decision that recognizes the procedures as a medically necessary and effective treatment for individuals who do not identify with their biological sex. More>>

Abuse victims' leader: Pope's meeting a 'gesture'


Pope Francis says his plans to meet with a group of sex abuse victims at the Vatican is part of an effort to "go forward" with "zero tolerance" in confronting and preventing clergy abuse.

Nigerian defense chief says abducted girls located


A Nigerian military official says the nearly 300 school girls abducted by Islamic extremists six weeks ago have been located. More>>

125 Nigerian students to attend Northeastern with full scholarship


More than 100 college students from Nigeria who have received full scholarships from their government will be attending college in Boston in the fall.

Obama arrives in Afghanistan to see American troops


President Barack Obama secretly slipped into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness Sunday for a weekend visit with U.S. troops serving in the closing months of America's longest war. More>>

US honors veterans over Memorial Day weekend

The nation is marking Memorial Day weekend with somber ceremonies, flag planting at cemeteries and parades. More>>

EBay asks users to change password after breach


E-commerce site eBay is asking users to change their password after a cyberattack compromised a database containing encrypted passwords. More>>

Obama: Any misconduct at VA will be punished

Seeking to head off a growing furor over veterans' health care, President Barack Obama declared Wednesday that allegations of misconduct at Veterans Affairs hospitals are "dishonorable" and will be not be tolerated by his administration. More>>

Fla. high school charges $200 for 'premium' graduation seating


A new graduation policy at one Florida high school is causing some outrage. More>>

Authorities: Casey Kasem found in Washington state


Casey Kasem was located in Washington state on Thursday, three days after a Los Angeles judge expressed concerns about the ailing radio host's whereabouts and safety. More>>

Man arrested after truck rammed into Baltimore TV station Video included


A man claiming to be God rammed a truck through the front of a Baltimore-area television station Tuesday, leaving a gaping hole as reporters and other staff fled the building. More>>

U of Richmond: 2 athletic staffers on fiery Va. balloon crash


A second body has been recovered in the fiery crash of a hot air balloon in Virginia. More>>

Monica Lewinsky speaks out, says she was made a 'scapegoat'


Monica Lewinsky, now 40 and 17 years removed from her affair with then-President Bill Clinton, is speaking out -- offering what could be uncomfortable details as Hillary Clinton is thought to be preparing a White House run. More>>

GM recalling 51,640 SUVs for defective fuel gauges

General Motors is recalling 51,640 SUVs because the fuel gauges may show inaccurate readings. More>>

US teachers nowhere as diverse as their students

U.S. teachers are nowhere near as diverse as their students. Almost half the students attending public schools are minorities, yet fewer than 1 in 5 of their teachers is nonwhite. More>>

Florida jail explosion kills 2, injures 100


An apparent gas explosion rocked a jail in Florida late Wednesday, killing two inmates, injuring more than 100 other people, and causing the building to partially collapse, according to a county spokeswoman. More>>

Train catches fire after derailment in Lynchburg, Va.


Authorities are evacuating numerous buildings around a train derailment and fire along the James River in downtown Lynchburg, Va. More>>

Death toll rises in severe weather across the South


After spawning deadly tornadoes that flattened homes and businesses in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, a storm system that also caused havoc in the Midwest had Georgia in its sights early Tuesday. More>>

Tornadoes kill 16 in Arkansas, 1 in Oklahoma


Emergency officials on Monday began searching for survivors in the debris left by a powerful tornado that carved an 80-mile path of destruction through suburban Little Rock, killing at least 16 people. More>>

Magic Johnson: Sterling 'shouldn't own a team anymore'

Magic Johnson wants NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to "come down hard" on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. More>>

Francis presides over historic day of 4 popes

Two 20th-century popes who changed the course of the Catholic Church became saints Sunday as Pope Francis honored John XXIII and John Paul II in a delicate balancing act aimed at bringing together the conservative and progressive wings of the church. More>>

3 American doctors fatally shot at Kabul hospital


An Afghan government security guard opened fire Thursday on a group of foreign doctors at a Kabul hospital, killing three American physicians and wounding a U.S. nurse, officials said.   

First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad

Michelle Obama's annual question-and-answer session with the children of Executive Office employees took a serious turn Thursday when a 10-year-old girl in the front row told the first lady that her dad had been out of work for three years. Then the girl handed the first lady his resume. More>>

US proposes first regulations for e-cigarettes

The U.S. government wants to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels. More>>

GM, lawyers fight over bankruptcy protections

General Motors Co. and a battalion of trial lawyers are preparing for an epic court fight over whether GM is liable for the sins of its corporate past.

Netflix poised to raise subscription prices

Netflix is preparing a sequel unlikely to be a hit with its subscribers. The Internet video service is about to raise its prices for the first time in three years to help pay for more Internet video programming such as its popular political drama "House of Cards." More>>

Stowaway teen stirs concern about airport security

A 16-year-old boy scrambled over an airport fence, crossed a tarmac and climbed into a jetliner's wheel well, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii — a misadventure that stirred concern about possible weak spots in the security system that protects the nation's airline fleet. More>>

Police officer caught on video tripping students after soccer game in Texas


A police department in Texas is investigating a video that appears to show one of their officers tripping fans at a high school soccer game. More>>

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    Two men forced a woman into the backseat of her vehicle at gunpoint, drove off but later lost control and plowed into a group of people on a corner near a fruit stand in Philadelphia on Friday, police said. Two...
    Two men forced a woman into the backseat of her sport utility vehicle at gunpoint, drove off but later lost control and plowed into a group of people on a corner near a fruit stand in Philadelphia on Friday, police said....
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    Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters

    Friday, July 25 2014 3:56 PM EDT2014-07-25 19:56:06 GMT
    A U.S. science advisory report says a key lesson from Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident is that the nation's nuclear industry needs to focus more on the highly unlikely but super-serious worst case scenarios.
    A U.S. science advisory report says Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident offers a key lesson to the nation's nuclear industry: Focus more on the highly unlikely but worst case scenarios.
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    The Ohio State marching band is moving forward without its director; a day after he was fired they're performing with the Columbus Symphony in what's often considered the band's unofficial season kickoff.
    The fired director of Ohio State University's celebrated marching band said through his attorney Friday that he has become a scapegoat for behavior occurring within the organization before his leadership and he'll...
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