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Newlyweds snap wedding photo as wildfire approaches


An Oregon couple's wedding photo taken with a wildfire in the distance is going viral. More>>

@HiddenCash sends social media users on a scavenger hunt


An anonymous donor who left envelopes of cash throughout San Francisco is now setting his sights on another California city. More>>

'Zonkey' debuts at Mexican zoo


A rare and unusual cross-breed made its debut at a Mexican zoo this week.

A look back at the #FirstTweet of FOX 25 anchors in honor of Twitter milestone

Twitter rolled out their new Discover Tool as they celebrate their eighth anniversary. The tool allows Twitter users to look back at their first tweet.We decided to have a little fun by looking back at More>>

'Tyler's Troops' give boy with cancer an unforgettable birthday

A Rhode Island boy celebrated his seventh birthday with help from hundreds of first responders. More>>

UK fears approach of rat-infested 'Ghost Ship'


The Russian "ghost ship" that was last heard from in March has all but vanished—but a flurry of reports now have it on a potential collision-course with Britain's coast, and packed with rats. More>>

On Camera: Waltham sophomore sinks half-court buzzer beater


Videos like this never get old. A Waltham High School sophomore sunk a half-court buzzer beater last week and it was caught on video. More>>

Cops: Video of pot plants leads to Conn. arrest


A Connecticut man faces numerous drug charges after police say he posted a YouTube video of himself giving a tour of what he calls his marijuana garden. More>>

Bruins holiday video is hilariously weird

YouTube: The Bear & the Gang YouTube: The Bear & the Gang

The Bruins have released a holiday video and I'm guessing it's the only place you'll see Dougie Hamilton in reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose this year. More>>

Family of NH girl with rare brain tumor petitions for treatment

People from around the world are signing a petition to help a 12-year-old girl from New Hampshire receive potentially life saving treatment for a rare brain tumor. More>>

VIDEO: 'Harry Potter' searches for platform 9 3/4 in NYC train station

Fictional character Harry Potter got a taste of the Big Apple recently in a hilarious YouTube video by a group known as 'Improv Everywhere.' More>>

Newspaper retracts 1863 editorial calling Gettysburg Address 'silly'


A Pennsylvania newspaper has retracted an editorial its forebears wrote in 1863 that referred to the Gettysburg Address "silly remarks." More>>

Spirit Airlines running ‘We’re not smoking crack’ deal

Spirit Airlines is running a promotion apparently taking aim at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. More>>

Greenway visitors can charge smart phones with new 'seat-e'

City officials unveiled two prototypes of a seat that allows visitors to charge their cell phones via solar power along the Rose Kennedy Greenway Tuesday. More>>

Ohio State marching band performs amazing movie tribute

YouTube: osumbvideo YouTube: osumbvideo

The Ohio State University marching band, once again, proves it's way more awesome than I am by playing the themes from Superman, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, all while forming themselves into animated shapes to act them out. More>>

On camera: Wall of liquor comes crashing down

Closed-circuit video from a liquor store shows the moment an entire wall of liquor gave way and crashed to the floor. More>>

Intense weightlifter picks things up, puts them down, passes out

YouTube: mikeBURRITO YouTube: mikeBURRITO

You've got to admire the intensity here, even if it results in a nap. More>>

Men tip wait staff $200, capture the magic on video

YouTube: LAHWF YouTube: LAHWF

It's like Punk'd…but exactly the opposite and way more "warm/fuzzy" inducing. More>>

Milton child cancer survivor helps others with his sense of humor

When life handed a teen from Milton a tough fight, he left laughter be his guide. More>>

Top ways Google made our lives better

This week marks Google's 15th birthday! They grow up so fast don't they? In honor of the occasion, we came up with a few ways Google made our lives better. More>>

Nyad 1st to swim to Florida from Cuba without cage

Looking dazed and sunburned, U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad walked on to the shore Monday, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage. More>>

2-tone lobster, orange and brown, shown in Maine

Maine has seen its share of blue lobsters, orange lobsters, albino lobsters and calico lobsters. But one on display at a Portland research facility has all of those turning green with envy. More>>

Scott Brown rocks out with ‘Cheap Trick’ at Hampton Beach Ballroom


Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has taken up a new hobby: rocking out with 80s rock icon Cheap Trick. More>>

IMAGES: Adorable photos of FOX 25 employees' dogs in honor of National Dog Day

If you are a dog owner, you may want to stop by the local pet store on the way home tonight and pick up a new toy for your favorite pooch. More>>

Wedding Fail: Photog’s drone hits groom in face


Wedding photography camera drones: Good idea on paper, disaster in practice. More>>

Little girl naps on roller bag after exhausting flight

A little girl who was completely wiped out after a flight decides she can't possibly stay awake for another minute, and passes out on a roller bag. More>>

On Camera: Train struck by lightning in Japan

An electric train in Tokyo is struck by lightning as a camera rolls and captures the entire incident. More>>

Actress Lea Michele thanks fans in tear-filled tribute to Cory Monteith

The Teen Choice Awards took a somber turn this weekend after the cast of "Glee" took to the stage, winning for "Choice TV Comedy." More>>

Three Mass. schools among the country's 'most sober'

Three Massachusetts schools are among the nation's top "sober schools," according to a new list released by the Princeton Review. More>>

4-year-old mayor is re-elected in northern Minn.

Robert "Bobby" Tufts hasn't made it to preschool yet, but he's already been elected twice as mayor of a tiny tourist town in northern Minnesota. More>>

Toddler dying of cancer serves as father's best man

A Pittsburgh area couple had the wedding of a lifetime and the celebration was in honor of their dying two-year-old son. More>>

Whitey prompts VB to send first Tweet


Yes folks, the rumors are true, FOX 25 Commentator Doug "VB" Goudie sent his first Tweet Friday…and all it took was a little nudge from Whitey Bulger. More>>

Skateboarder backflips from one board to another

YouTube: Egill Gunnar YouTube: Egill Gunnar

Icelandic skateboarder Egill Gunnar decided a simple backflip wasn't enough, opting to do a backflip that begins on one board and ends on another. More>>

Subway violinist takes Macklemore to Public Garden

YouTube: Rhett Price YouTube: Rhett Price

Since we last checked in with Rhett Price, he's released violin versions of Fallout Boy's "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" and, most recently, Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us." More>>

Calif. Little leaguer makes major league catch

YouTube: Dan Romero YouTube: Dan Romero

It's not often that you see a catch this amazing in the big leagues, let alone in the little ones. More>>

Sensors knock extra time off meters when cars move in Salem


Drivers in Salem are lamenting new sensors that virtually eliminate all extra time left on parking meters when cars leave their spots. More>>

Giant snake slithers into car engine


First we had a snake that knew how to open a closet door, now we have one that is, apparently, fond of engine repair. More>>

On Camera: Green line driver dozes off while driving train


Video sent to FOX 25 by viewer Robert Clark shows an MBTA Green Line train driver apparently falling asleep while the train zips into a tunnel. More>>

The Irish Tenors' Ronan Tynan sends special message to FOX 25's Mark Ockerbloom

Irish singer Ronan Tynan had a special message for FOX 25 anchor Mark Ockerbloom following his performance at Fenway Park Thursday. More>>

Viral: Giraffe gets interactive during S. African safari


A South African tourist decides to tour a park after a wedding only to become wrapped up in his own real-life "Giraffic Park." More>>

Wallenda walks tightrope high over Ariz. gorge

Nik Wallenda studied the plunging walls of the Little Colorado River Gorge before stepping out on a quarter-mile tightrope cable. "Whoo! That's an amazing view." More>>

Bug leaks contact info of some Facebook users

Facebook says a bug in its system caused 6 million users' contact information to be inadvertently exposed. More>>

Viral: Snake opens door, escapes closet, haunts our dreams


Are you afraid of snakes? No? Ok, what about snakes that can open doors? Now what's up? More>>

Pittsburgh bar bans Boston beers during Penguins-Bruins series

Patrons at one Pittsburgh bar won't be able to enjoy a pint of Sam Adams during the Eastern Conference final. More>>

Viral: Skydiver nearly collides with mountain

YouTube: nemoskyfish YouTube: nemoskyfish

A video making the rounds on viral sites shows a skydiver's near impact with a mountain. More>>

ON CAMERA: Thief grabs woman’s cell phone, gets hit by bus

YouTube: ITN YouTube: ITN

A Colombian man attempting to snatch a woman's cell phone got a heavy dose of instant karma, and it was all caught on camera. More>>

Report: Chinese man kidnapped as child uses Google Maps to reunite with parents

A Chinese man who was abducted when he was five reportedly used Google Maps to reunite with his biological parents. More>>

Viral: Sea lion shows concern when little girl falls

It's Friday, it's beautiful out, here's something that'll make you say: "D'awwwww." More>>

Viral: Soccer keeper scores on himself

YouTube: Rezumate statistica YouTube: Rezumate statistica

Here's a pro tip should you ever find yourself playing keeper in a soccer match: Don't throw the ball into your own net. More>>

Real or Fake: Man catches bird with bare hand in YouTube video

YouTube: theaustinstonechurch YouTube: theaustinstonechurch

A video posted on YouTube appears to show a friend of 49ers' QB Colt McCoy's catching a bird with his bare hand. More>>

Viral: Silo refuses to fall during demolition

YouTube: ITN YouTube: ITN

Usually when buildings are demolished, they fall -- not so much in today's viral video. More>>

Viral: Cat comically paralyzed by thunder shirt

A video, posted on LiveLeak, shows a cat named Sam going completely paralyzed when the Thundershirt is applied. More>>

Viral: Lightning strikes directly behind bridal party in Key Largo

YouTube: dekathornton YouTube: dekathornton

Mother Nature, apparently, couldn't hold her piece at a wedding in Key Largo. More>>

Viral video: Baby goat plays on pig

YouTube: Rovirosar YouTube: Rovirosar

This pig was just trying to take a nap, but the baby goat just wouldn't let him. The viral clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by user rovirosar and has more than 650,000 views, shows the pygmy goat playing on the large pig - even using its back as a slide! More>>

Washington School cancels class due to nice weather


Bellingham Christian School in Bellingham, Washington decided to close down for the day because it was nice out. More>>

Dashcam captures Reese Witherspoon's arrest

TMZ has obtained dashcam footage of actress Reese Witherspoon's April 19 arrest. More>>

Viral: Brother clotheslines sister in worst fuel and dash ever

YouTube: qunews YouTube: qunews

Next to cats, cute babies and Psy, ineffective criminal videos are what YouTube was made for. More>>

Angie Miller picks up Gov. Patrick's endorsement ahead of final four show

Gov. Deval Patrick showed his support for a Mass. resident who hopes to be the next American Idol. More>>

Viral: Amazing video of ice crystals forming, shattering on Minn. Lake

YouTube: cuso26 YouTube: cuso26

This afternoon's viral video is a reminder that nature can do some pretty amazing things from time to time. More>>

Viral: Cat, in shark costume, riding vacuum, chasing a duck

YouTube: texasgirly1979 YouTube: texasgirly1979

Just when you thought you've seen every possible Internet cat video scenario, comes today's viral video. More>>

Comedian Kevin Hart discusses DUI charge

Comedian Kevin Hart showed his serious side while speaking to a TMZ photographer after his Sunday morning arrest on DUI charges in Los Angeles. More>>

Hallway swimming is the new Planking

YouTube: Jordan McGee YouTube: Jordan McGee

"Hallway swimming" is the latest answer to the question: "What are the kids doing these days?" More>>

Video shows woman tossing baby on bus during fight

YouTube: ScientologyStoners YouTube: ScientologyStoners

A video posted on the Internet shows what appears to be a woman throwing her baby during a fight with another woman on a bus in Hartford, Conn. More>>

Deployed brother gives wedding speech from Harrier cockpit over Afghanistan

YouTube: Brandon Krivohlavy YouTube: Brandon Krivohlavy

YouTube user Brandon Krivohlavy says his brother wasn't able to attend his recent wedding because he is deployed to Afghanistan. But that doesn't stop him from giving a speech. More>>

Very cute video of cat snoring

YouTube: LilBubBub YouTube: LilBubBub

An adorable video of a cat snoring is getting a lot of attention on YouTube. The clip showing Bub, who just doesn't want to wake up, already has more than 47,000 views. More>>

Viral: Man, dressed like chair, scares coffee shop customers

YouTube: ucmagic YouTube: ucmagic

A video, posted on YouTube by ucmagic, shows unsuspecting coffee shop patrons sit down in a comfy chair for a second before being startled when a man pops out of the cushions. More>>

Father of 4th-grade Mass. rapper cleared of abuse

The father of a 9-year-old rapper from Massachusetts who drew national condemnation for appearing in sexually suggestive videos has been cleared of neglect and abuse allegations. More>>

Little girl has great reaction to return of deployed dad

YouTube: fayobserver YouTube: fayobserver

A heartwarming video captures a little girl reuniting with her deployed dad at a school assembly. More>>

Pittsburgh student pens inflammatory note to colleges

College is hard, but sometimes just getting into college can be harder. Take it from Suzy Lee Weiss, a senior at Taylor Allerdice High School in Pittsburgh, who recently penned an article featured in The Wall Street Journal about the trials and tribulations she faced applying to colleges. More>>

Viral: Thief smashes into plate glass window trying to escape

YouTube: itnnews YouTube: itnnews

An alleged thief was caught on security camera smashing into a plate glass window attempting to flee after taking a woman's bag. More>>

‘Kung Fu Grandpa’ goes nuts with nunchucks

YouTube: aamon17 YouTube: aamon17

A video posted on YouTube showing a man practicing his nunchuck skills in a Virginia grocery store parking lot is going viral. More>>

Girl takes cardboard Tebow to prom


Girl takes cardboard Tebow to prom More>>

Oddly dressed would-be burglar throws rock at window, trips over curb

YouTube: reddingnews YouTube: reddingnews

A would-be burglar in Redding, California had a tough time breaking into a business. More>>

VIDEO: Fire captain injured after three consecutive crashes on slippery Ohio road

Video of a crash that left an Ohio fire captain seriously injured has gone viral. More>>

Giffords' husband Mark Kelly pulls family dog off baby sea lion

YouTube: GreatWhitePitbull YouTube: GreatWhitePitbull

The daughter of former astronaut Mark Kelly was walking her dog Shiner on Goff Island Beach when the dog bolted, ripping the leash from her hand and fatally attacking a beached baby sea lion. More>>

Viral video: Bus driver nearly smashed by light pole through window


A bus driver reacts just moments before a light pole comes crashing through his bus' windshield. More>>

LA restaurant calls out no-shows on Twitter

A Los Angeles restaurant publicly berated people who failed to show up for their reservations over the weekend. More>>

Woman thanks Chili's for 'fixing' Autistic sister's cheeseburger

A woman from Utah took to Facebook to thank the employees at a popular restaurant chain for the kindness they showed to her 7-year-old sister. More>>

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