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Husband accused of trying to poison wife


They are shocking allegations that have torn apart a husband and wife on Cape Cod. The woman says her husband tried to poison her, and while the husband denies it, he has refused to talk to the police.

Fox Undercover has discovered something in the man's past that raises questions about his credibility.

Eva Lescher is convinced her husband, Roger Gosselin, wanted her dead. Looking back now, she believes he poisoned her in their family home in Falmouth over the course of a year.


The story almost seems unbelievable, except we found out this is not the first time Gosselin has been accused of a crime like this.

In fact, Gosselin served hard time for trying to kill his last wife and their unborn baby.

Now his new wife is insisting she's Gosselin's latest victim.

"My skin would peel off in layers and there would be wet, raw skin underneath and it would just go in cycles like that," Lescher said. "The corners of my mouth, my lips, were swollen. I looked distorted, weird looking."

She says she was sick with a mystery illness throughout 2008. Medical records show Lescher complained about her symptoms to multiple doctors, but no one could figure out what was wrong.

One doctor "looked at me and said, you know, this is toxic, and I had no idea what he was talking about," she said.

Lescher said her bad year got even worse on Christmas Day, 2008. She was home alone with her husband, Roger Gosselin, and decided to make herself a vodka and tonic. She mixed the drink and then took a sip.

"It was so drastic and so shocking that I found myself screaming," Lescher said. "I let out a horrific scream. It tasted like; I can only say it was horrifically salty, as if someone had put a cube of sodium on your tongue."

She said her husband was downstairs watching television, but did not react to her screaming. So she went to him. "And I said what did you do to me? And his next comment was, 'You can't prove that I put anything into that bottle.' I didn't even accuse him. I just simply asked what did you do to me?"

Lescher said she was so sick she ended up falling asleep. The next morning she confronted her husband again. "I said to him listen, you bastard, I'm on to you now. I realize now what you've been doing and you've been doing this for I don't know how long. I said you better get your ass out of here and fast because the cops are on the way."

Lescher told this story to Falmouth Police and the officer who interviewed her removed a crystal decanter which contained the vodka. The officer wrote in his report, "I smelled the inside of the decanter and it had an odor that was consistent with that of paint thinner." The officer also took a can of paint thinner that was in the garage.

The decanter was sent to the State Police for testing, but the Falmouth Police would not discuss the results. They forwarded the test findings to the Cape and Islands District Attorney. Lescher, however, says police told her a substance was detected in the decanter.

Lescher is also concerned her husband may have taken out a life insurance policy on her, planning to cash in on her death. Investigators have tried to interview Gosselin, but he has refused to talk with them.

Gosselin didn't want to talk with us either. When we tracked him down he didn't answer any of our questions, including the basic one: Did you poison Eva Lescher?

A life insurance policy was at the center of another case involving Roger Gosselin, a case that ended with a conviction back in 1995. A jury in Hampshire County found Gosselin guilty of two counts of attempted murder and two counts of soliciting someone to commit the crime.

The prosecutor said Gosselin hired someone to kill his then wife and unborn child and planned to pay the hit man with money from his former wife's life insurance policy. Gosselin was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison.

Lescher met Gosselin through a family member who was in prison with Gosselin. She says she knew about Gosselin's conviction, but at the time believed his claim that he was innocent. When Gosselin got out of prison, Lescher let him move in and they got married five years later.

Lescher admits she showed bad judgment. "I take full responsibility for that," she says.

Now, she believes, it's time for Gosselin to take responsibility for what she believes he did to her.

The District Attorney's office told us it has reviewed the case and "There are no charges at this point, but we will take another look if there is additional information."

Lescher says she's disappointed. "It's disappointing in that I'd like to have a little more faith in the system than I do," she says.

Lescher, who's divorcing Gosselin, hopes evidence of a life insurance policy surfaces and prosecutors move forward with the case. Her divorce attorney says he's trying to determine whether Gosselin had a life insurance policy in his wife's name.

Gosselin's attorney says his client denies the allegations made by his wife and refused to talk to the police because he has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Fox Undercover has learned there is renewed interest in the case. The Cape and Islands District Attorney's office is now telling us the investigation is active again and investigators are trying to interview additional people.

Lescher says her health has improved dramatically in the last year, since Gosselin moved out.

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