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Fight in Hartland High School classroom posted on Facebook

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Katya Adamkiewicz had her nose broken during a fight at Hartland High School.  (Credit: Fox 2 News) Katya Adamkiewicz had her nose broken during a fight at Hartland High School. (Credit: Fox 2 News)

A brutal beating happened in a classroom at a local high school. There were plenty of witnesses who saw it firsthand and on Facebook.

Two girls are not friends, and they are not fond of each other, either. So it is fair to say there is tension between the two.

"I could see her like in the corner whispering to her friends and like saying all this, but I didn't think anything was going to happen because most of the time people just talk," said Katya Adamkiewicz.

However, on Tuesday in a classroom at Hartland High School where a teacher was present just before dismissal, there was knock down, drag out drama.

"I like turned my back, and she like grabbed me by my hair or whatever, threw me to the ground, and I like remember hitting my head and like blacking out," Adamkiewicz explained. "All of a sudden started feeling my nose bleeding."

"This girl had to be pulled off," said mother Aurore Henze. "I feel like my daughter would be dead right now if a teacher didn't intervene."

"I didn't think anybody was videotaping. I just thought that I was going to like walk out of there. I didn't think I was going to be like jumped on from behind," Adamkiewicz said.

"It looked like the whole class was a part of the fight, and everybody knew it was being filmed except for my daughter," Henze said.

Well, maybe not everyone, but it appears the camera operator was prepared to press record prior to the ruckus. The victim, 14-year-old Adamkiewicz, and her attacker were taken to the principal's office.

"I was like is my nose broken? I'm like what's this bump on my head? He's like no it's fine, just put this ice on it. You look fine or whatever. He's like I'm just going write that you and this girl were verbally fighting and then you said something that set her off or blah, blah, blah, and you're going to get a five day suspension, but there's nothing wrong with defending yourself," Adamkiewicz said.

"The school made it sound like it was no big deal," said Henze.

Both girls were suspended. The one who threw the punches was banned from school property for a longer period of time.

However, the day after the punishments were passed out, mom said, "They said they we're sorry. She can come back to school. The suspension was a mistake."

"So I said to the school, obviously you've seen the video, right? And then they said yeah," Henze added.

But if the video is not enough, a trip to the urgent care proves the beat down was brutal. The diagnosis was a bloody, bruised and broken nose and damaged nasal septum.

"Her nose was all black and blue. Her eyes were black," said Henze.

"I'm not going back there. I don't want to be a part of those people," Adamkiewicz said.

"She had been beaten severely," Henze said. "Public humiliation and assault on this level, we're going to prosecute. We're going to take it as far as we can take it because nobody should have to suffer like this."

The pain will go away and the bruises and broken bones will heal, though her pride may not because the video was posted on Facebook and some Adamkiewicz's so called friends have been having a field day posting things such as "who has the video of [name omitted] beating the crap out of [Katya]?" and "it was hilarious."

"That's just sick to me. I certainly didn't think it was funny after or like during it or before," said Adamkiewicz. "I wasn't laughing. I'm not even laughing now. Of course I'm furious. I'm like upset by all of it."

"They're all looking for some live action and they all want to TV stars. It doesn't surprise me, but obviously when it's happening to your child, it hurts so bad," said Henze.

Mom wanted to talk about this because she said the violence and the way some young people are using social media is out of control. She said everyone has to start looking at this problem and dealing with it right away.

A school official with Hartland High School said fights like this are rare, they take it very seriously, and the students are punished according to their actions.

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