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Tim Skubick: New book details Romney's home-state struggles

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The Mittster and his Mrs. have recently emerged from their self-imposed post election cocoon and are making the media rounds once again.  And they must take some pleasure in the polls suggesting if the election was held today, Mr. and Mrs. Mitt Romney would be measuring the drapers in the White House.

Maybe next time.

But in the meantime, a new book is out, "Double Down" by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann revisiting the Mitt Romney the nation came to love and loath last year during his ill-fated attempt to send Mr. Obama to the unemployment line.

A section of it focuses on the Michigan presidential primary and come to find out, he almost stiffed  his use-to-be home state as he came close to pulling out of the race, not once, but twice.

"Is it winnable?" a frurstrated faux-native son asked his pollster. If it wasn't winnable he showed his love for the state by suggesting, "why spend a million dollars just to lose."  

Recall that GOP underdog Ricky Santorum was nipping at Mr. Romney's heels and unbeknownst to him, others in the GOP continued a search for ABR..Anybody but Romney.  On that list: Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Mitch Daniels from New Jersey and Indiana respectively.  They obviously did not get in.

But it underscored how poorly Mr. Romney was doing including in his ex-home state where his first commercial boasted about him being the favorite-son.

That dog did not hunt.  He had not been in the Michigan for forty years; given a chance to pick the Tigers over the Boston Red Sox, he stiffed the Tigs; sure his daddy had been governor, but all those supporters were pushing up Daisies.

So when they did the focus groups, they discovered the commercial backfired. "Voters here either didn't care he was a Wolverine native, didn't believe it, or resented the suggestion.  They told researchers, "If you're from here, where have you been?'

Michigan voters are parochial to a fault and can spot a phoney a mile away even if his wife owned two Cadillacs.

In the midst of all this, the candidate wonders, "Maybe we should just pull out?"

Mrs. Romney wasn't doing much better. Fed-up with the "media that loves Barack Obama" she confessed during a luncheon in Midland, "I'm so mad at the press, I could just strangle them!"

Then came election night with an upset in the cards.  The anxious Romney family waited it out in suburban Detroit hoping against hope that maybe some of George Romney's voters for just one night would come back from the grave and vote early and often.

41% to 38% was the final count and the Mittster stated the obvious as he dodged the Michigan bullet, "We didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough."

And with that, he left the state on his private jet.

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